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Amitabha Medical Clinic and Healing Center offers state of the art integrative health care in a supportive, healing environment — a true sanctuary from chaotic hospitals or the busy outpatient setting.

Founded in 2001 by integrative medicine pioneer and alternative cancer expert Dr. Isaac Eliaz, we specialize in the treatment and prevention of many types of cancer, as well as immune function, chronic illnesses, environmental toxicity and other health challenges (see Conditions). We also provide comprehensive support for hormone balancing, nutrition optimization, vital energy enhancement and more.

One of the keys to our excellence is that we practice patient-driven, rather than disease-driven medicine. We work closely with you in identifying and achieving your personal goals of health and well being, creating highly strategic, individualized healing programs based on in-depth evaluation of your unique case. Our purpose is to increase vital energy and wellness, while simultaneously decreasing even so-called unsolvable health issues, using the most advanced and clinically proven integrative medical solutions (see Treatments).

This holistic, comprehensive approach allows us to address issues affecting a person in body, mind and spirit, rather than just treating symptoms. It also provides much better opportunities for positive clinical outcome, as demonstrated by the exceptional success rates amongst our patients.

Amitabha Clinic serves as a vital source of honest, compassionate guidance and support for lifes most difficult health challenges. In addition to our wide range of treatments and ongoing care services, we also offer free meditation classes and host regular guest lectures on various health based topics, to help build networks and share information within the larger community.

Our expertise, compassion, and our commitment to providing advanced, leading-edge health solutions makes Amitabha Clinic an ideal resource during your healing journey. Contact us today to learn how we can provide you with the highest quality integrative care to empower you on the path to vibrant health and wellness.

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